Our student council is a student-based civic organization led by our 4th Grade Teacher, Mrs. Rodriguez. The council is intended to facilitate and promote school spirit and leadership among students. Our participants exemplify the scholarly habits that reveal our high standards of personal conduct. Their leadership qualities include serving as good examples of ethical values through their words and actions. 
All Council members are expected to consistently participate in organized activities, which are meant to augment the learning environment of the school. Their purpose includes developing positive attitudes and practicing good citizenship. Members are key in promoting harmonious relations throughout the entire school. In addition to improving school morale and general welfare, they provide a forum for student expression.

Students involved in student council are able to improve their reading and writing skills, learn public speaking skills, and learn to make a positive impact in school and in our community. They are able to practice real-life skills of problem solving and working in collaboration in a team environment to complete school-wide projects aim directly at helping our local and global community.

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